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Capable of cutting virtually any shape, in any material group - Water jet cutting offers virtually unlimited possibilities. Water jet cutting is currently one of the fastest growing engineering techniques in the world as manufacturers and designers realise the benefits and diversity that waterjet cutting offers. EWL WaterJet offers flexible, responsive water jet cutting services to all industries and the public, from prototypes to large scale production.

Waterjet Cutting - Abrasive waterjet cutting services cheshire


Abrasive water jet is currently one of the fastest growing engineering services, by adding an abrasive garnet to pressurised water we are capable of producing virtually any shape to precision in materials as varied from stainless steel, aluminium, stone, glass, ceramics, rubber & Kevlar.

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Cutting Benefits - Why use waterjet technology

Abrasive waterjet cutting stainless steel

The water jet cut finish can be tailored to suit individual requirements and budgets, with high tolerances achieved secondary processes such as machining or drilling are often not required. Utilising our digital nesting software parts can be nested tightly with material requirements and wastage reduced.

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Cutting applications of water jet cutting

Waterjet cutting steel

Abrasive waterjet cutting is flexible - its impossible to list all the applications it could be used for, the ability to cut any material to precision without heat, stresses or warping makes the service popular with fabricators, engineers, architects, designers and machine manufacturers. Could you be using this cutting technology?

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Water jet Cutting Case Studies

Water jet cutting stainless steel

More than just flat profiles, water jet is so versatile that it is probably easier to show you how it can be used. At EWL WaterJet we have used our abrasive cutting technology on a wide range of projects, take a look at our case studies and see that there really are unlimited possibilities.

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Abrasive waterjet cutting services & Fabrications Cheshire


We are more than a profile cutting company, at EWL we can offer complete engineering solutions. We provide a range of in-house value added services at our Cheshire factory, including CNC Bending, vibro finishing & deburring, polishing, shearing, sawing, general fabrications & welding. One stop shop for your parts and products.

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EWL Technical information

Water cutting

Our abrasive waterjet cutting & pure water capacities, tolerances and frequently asked questions answered.

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