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EWL WaterJet Application: Cutting Glass Bricks or Blocks with Water Jet Cutting

Cutting Glass Bricks or Blocks with Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cut Glass Brick Block by EWL WaterJet

Abrasive water jet cutting technology allows glass bricks or blocks to be cut into a variety of shapes, from simple straight lines and curves to company logo's & patterns. Water jet cutting glass has the versatility traditional glass cutting techniques are unable to offer, the only limit is a designers imagination.

How does abrasive water jet cut shapes into glass?

The water jet is a 1mm diameter bead of pressurised water mixed with a fine sand abrasive, the sand abrasive erodes (cuts) the glass away. The bead of water is pressurised to 3600 Bar and transports the sand abrasive at a rate faster than the speed of sound. To avoid shattering the glass, the water jet must either start off the the glass and cut into it, or pierce through the glass at a low pressure of 800 Bar before increasing to 3600 Bar. The abrasive leaves a crisp, frosted finish on the cut face.

How do I get my glass water jet cut?

Simply bring a CAD drawing, a design, or your sketch to EWL WaterJet to discuss your glass cutting requirements.

Can any glass be cut with water jet?

All non treated glass can be cut (even bullet proof glass can be cut with water jet). Tempered safety glass cannot be water jet cut as its designed to shatter under impact, vacuumed glass such as double glazing will also shatter when the vaccuum is broken so this can not be cut.

Video of water jet cutting a glass block with a company logo.

Watch the video below to see the water jet cutting of glass in action, in the video we are cutting our company logo into a frosted glass brick, the glass is 25mm thick.


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