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EWL WaterJet Application: Water jet cutting glass splashbacks

Water jet cutting glass splashbacks

How do I cut glass splashbacks?water jet cutting glass splash back for power socket

How do I cut holes in a glass splashback?

How do I trim a glass splashback down?

Abrasive water jet cutting of glass splashbacks makes light work of cutting wall socket holes, the trimming of the splashbacks down to a certain size, or even cutting the splashback into a unique shape.

How does abrasive water jet cut glass shapes?

A 1mm diameter jet of high pressure water is mixed with a fine abrasive sand, the mixture of the sand and water erodes (cuts) the glass. A low pressure jet is used first to start the cutting process to ensure the glass does not shatter, once the initial hole is made in the glass the pressure of the cutting jet is increased to 3600Bar.

How do I get my splashback cut at EWL WaterJet?waterjet cut glass splash back to size

Simply call us now to discuss your requirements, we will need either a CAD drawing, a simple sketch or template should you wish to proceed with our service.

Can any glass splashback be cut?

No, safety glass that is designed to shatter with impact & toughed glass cannot be cut.

Video of EWL WaterJet cutting a glass splash back.

Watch the video below of EWL water jet cutting a plug socket into a splashback.

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