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Advantages Benefits of Water jet Cutting | EWL WaterJet

Water jet cutting is currently one of the fastest growing engineering services in the world, below are just some of the benefits and advantages for why you should be using water jet cutting.

Flexibility & Versatility

Abrasive water jet can profile cut virtually any material, therefore it is a very versatile cutting technique! At EWL WaterJet we can offer High, Medium and Low quality cuts to suit your budget, we can also offer a fast turnaround service if you require.

Versatility of the water jet allows it to be used in nearly every industry. See our case studies to find out more.

Cold cutting

Water jet cut Monel Alloy 400 without distortion or warping

There is no heat input with water jet cutting, aluminium, stainless steel & mild steel can be cut without warping or distortion of parts, and heat affected zones associated with laser & plasma are eliminated. Cut edges are not hardened by water jet, you can tap holes and machine edges straight away without blunting or damaging your tooling.

Quality clean cutting

Water jet can leave an excellent crisp quality cut, often with a burr free finish - unlike laser and plasma which can leave sharp burrs and slag.

At EWL WaterJet we also now offer vibro finishing of parts to give your parts the finishing touch feel, its also an ideal finish prior to zinc plating, electro polishing or anodising.

Productivity & Less wastage
Our production cutting software tightly nests your parts on the parent material, which can pass on substantial material cost savings.

Water jet cutting can be faster and more cost effective than machining, CNC routing and EDM, your scrap material does not end up on the factory floor as swarf, it can be re-used for other parts.

Tight Tolerances

Tight tolerances of less than +/-0.1mm can be achieved. If you require a higher tolerance for your application, consider water jet for cutting away the bulk of the part and finish with a minimal amount of machining - this can be a real cost saver, especially with thicker materials.

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