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EWL WaterJet Case Study: 12mm Mild Steel Combed Filter Plates

12mm Mild Steel Combed Filter Plates

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Abrasive Water jet cut mild steel filter platesProblem prior to water jet: Our customer had previously been milling the combs in 12mm Mild steel square plates. The milling process was time consuming and noisy, and crucially it exerted stresses into the material that distorted the individual fingers.

Solution: Water jet cutting

Supplied with the free issue material pre machined with the chamfered edge, we proceeded to water jet cut the combed fingers to the requested specification.

Water jet cut mild steel filter plate close upThanks to water jet cutting:
  • No Stresses have been exerted into the material.
  • No distortion occurred.
  • Faster production times.
  • Customer workshop is much quieter!


Water jet cutting mild steel on twin heads

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