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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water Jet Cutting Cast Aluminium Tooling Plate C250

Water Jet Cutting Cast Aluminium Tooling Plate C250

Product: Aluminium machine bed plates.
Material: C250 Aluminium Cast Tooling plate.

Abrasive water jet cutting aluminium is an excellent choice for cutting C250 Aluminium, cutting aluminium to high tolerances with clean and often burr free cut edges.

Water jet cutting C250 Aluminium machine bed plates

C250 Aluminium plates can be found at the core of many packaging machines, the plates often have hundreds of various sized tapped holes, counter bores and slots. Precision and flatness is critical.

Waterjet cutting holes for threading.

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process and does not induce any hardening or heat affected zones into aluminium, holes are cut to a tight enough tolerance ready for tapping even in thick aluminium plates.

Finished part production

At EWL WaterJet we offer finished part production, combining water jet cutting to cut the plates, holes, slots & cut outs and traditional machining to complete tapping, counter bores and blind hole. If required we can also blast finish and anodise the plates.

Cost savings for the customer

By replacing most of the machining work with faster water jet cutting  costs are saved and the customer gets their parts faster.

Low cost cutting of Aluminium C250

Not every cut edge of a part requires an excellent finish, waterjet offers different quality cuts to suit your individual requirements. For example holes to be tapped can be cut on a high tolerance slow cut, general clearance holes can be cut on a lower cost faster standard tolerance cut.

Benefits of waterjet cutting Aluminium C250.

  • Virtually any shape, any thickness up to 240mm.
  • Cold cutting – No HAZ, No distortion or warping.
  • Clean burr & slag free edges.
  • Eliminates secondary processes.
  • Small jet (kerf) means less material wastage.
  • Flexibility.

water jet cutting aluminium c250 cast

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