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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water Jet Cutting Mild Steel

Water Jet Cutting Mild Steel

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Abrasive water jet cut mild steel cams - zinc platedProduct: Mild steel Zinc plated cams.
20mm Mild Steel.

Water jet cutting is an excellent option for cutting mild steel if you have a requirement for intricate designs, high tolerances, clean cut edges or need a cold cutting option.

Water jet cutting & complete parts.

Our customer who was developing a new machine came to us with a requirement to manufacture mild steel rotary sensor cams.

Working together through the prototype phase into mass production, EWL WaterJet completed the complete finished part that included:

  • Water jet cutting of cam.
  • Drilling & tapping grub screw.
  • Zinc plating.
Abrasive water ejt cut mild steel cam - zinc platedWhy waterjet?

Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process and does not distort, warp or change the material composition – each finished cam is identical to a very high tolerance.

The clean burr free cut edges also allowed the cams to be zinc plated without any secondary processes being required, such as cleaning or deburring.

Due to the material thickness and intricacy of the design, laser or any other heat cutting process would not of had a high enough tolerance, would induced a very high amount of heat into the cams, and a secondary process to drill the centre hole would have been required.

Benefits of water jet cutting mild steel.
  • Virtually any shape, any thickness up to 150mm.
  • Cold cutting – No HAZ, No distortion or warping.
  • Clean burr & slag free edges.
  • Eliminates secondary processes.
  • Small jet (kerf) means less material wastage.
  • Flexibility & Versatility.
  • Cut to very high tolerances.

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