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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water Jet Cutting plywood

Water Jet Cutting plywood

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Abrasive water jet cut plywood - Cut by EWL - Designed & Exhibited by Juneau ProjectsEWL WaterJet offers flexible solutions to both designers and artists. This particular job was exhibited at the TATE Britain, London.

To create one off bespoke artistic designs and models you need a manufacturer who you can work in close partnership to achieve your creations.

Why WaterJet?

Our customer explains why they chose water jet cutting to cut their wooden projects.

 “We really liked the water jet process because, unlike laser cutting, you don't get any burn marks on the wood. In terms of cost water jet cutting is a lot more affordable than laser cutting or CNC routing, which are the other methods we might use for the jobs. There aren't the set up costs associated with CNC routing.” Juneau Projects.>Abrasive water jet cut plywood - Cut by EWL - Designed & Exhibited by Juneau Projects 

The process

Artists and designers are invited to send us their DXF, DWG, IGES and adobe illustrator drawings. We work closely with you to ensure your designs are cut successfully and to the standard you require.

Benefits of water jet cutting to artists and designers

Water jet cutting can cut virtually any shape in any material, you are not limited to specific material groups.

Finished sculpturesAbrasive water jet cut plywood American Flag - Cut by EWL - Designed & Exhibited by Juneau Projects

At EWL we do more than just cutting, with our extensive fabrication facilities your design or sculpture can be completed under one roof.

 EWL WaterJet cutting offers artists and designers:

  • Ability to cut virtually any shape in any material group.
  • Any thickness up to 240mm.
  • Cold cutting process, no distortion of metals or burning of woods & plastics.

    Abrasive water jet cut plywood Skeleton - Cut by EWL - Designed & Exhibited by Juneau Projects

  • No set up costs.
  • Work in partnership and advise the designer what’s achievable.
  • Ability to finish your designs with further fabrication services.>

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