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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water Jet Cutting Rubber

Water Jet Cutting Rubber

Product: 25mm rubber spacers.

With this particular product our customer knew from previous experience traditional die cutting would create distorted concaved sides.  Die cutting also incurs set up costs and initial purchase costs of bespoke dies.

Why WaterJet

EWL Water jet cuts rubber without changing the integrity of the material, leaving excellent finished edges. There is no distortion or degradation of material such as burning, crushing and tearing caused by other cutting methods such as laser or die cutting.

Straight edges

Unlike other rubber cutting methods, water jet cutting  is not limited to thickness, we can cut up to 240mm with parallels sides without deformation or concaving.

No dies or tools required

We can cut straight from a CAD drawing, no set up costs and no need to pay for a specialised die or tool to be made.

Excellent material utilisation

Thanks to the 0.2mm cutting beam and computer generated nesting your material is utilised to its maximum possibility with minimal wastage.

Thanks to water jet cutting any thickness of rubber can be cut:

  • To any shape.
  • Any thickness up to 240mm.
  • Straight parallel sides, no deformation or concaving.
  • No set up costs, no dies required.

From bespoke prototypes to large batches.

Natural rubber, sponge rubber, Butyl rubber, Rubber cork, PTFE, Neoprene Rubber, Nitrile rubber, Silicone rubber

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