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EWL WaterJet Case Study: Water jet cutting stainless steel 304 / 316

Water jet cutting stainless steel 304 / 316

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Water jet cut 316 stainless steel perforated screen panel no heat or distortionProduct: Rolled perforated filter panels.

Material: 5mm 316 Stainless Steel.

Quantity: Batch of 86 Panels.


Fabrication & water jet solutions

Our customer came to us with an existing product that was critical to their production process, unfortunately the existing design kept failing, resulting in repeated production down time!

 The existing design incorporated multiple strips welded together to create a mesh screen, unfortunately due to the forces exerted on the filter screens the welds kept failing and the stray metal strips contaminated the product.Stainless steel 316 cut with abrasive water jet no distorion or warping

Our solution was to design and manufacture perforated panels in one piece – no separate parts that could break, fail or contaminate the product.

Complete part production

EWL supplied the complete finished part to the customer, with all the manufacturing processes completed in house:

  • Water jet cutting of panel & rear spacer ribs.
  • Rolling of panels.
  • Tig welding rear spacers onto the panels.

Rolled stainless steel perforated water jet cut panelWhy waterjet?

Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process and does not distort, warp or change the material composition. It is not restricted to material thickness or intricacy – there are no set up or tooling costs, flexible and competitively priced.

Punching & Laser problems

Punching was not a viable option due to expensive tooling costs and the restriction on the material to hole size ratio. Laser cutting would have caused the panels to distort and warp due to the heat input created in cutting such a large amount of cut outs in such close proximity.

Quality cutting costs less

The tolerances for the cut outs we’re not critical to the customer, this enabled us to cut faster at a lower cost. At EWL WaterJet we can tailor your cut parts to suit your budget and your individual requirements.

Benefits of water jet cutting stainless steel

  • Virtually any shape, any thickness up to 150mm.
  • Cold cutting – No HAZ, No distortion or warping.
  • Clean burr & slag free edges.
  • Eliminates secondary processes.
  • Small jet (kerf) means less material wastage.
  • Flexibility & Versatility.

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