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EWL WaterJet News Item: Vibro Finishing and Deburring of Parts (Vibratory Tumbler)

Vibro Finishing and Deburring of Parts (Vibratory Tumbler)

19th October 2011

We have added two new additions to our in house facilities – Circular bowl vibratory finisher & Circular bowl Maize dryer. (See the videos below!)

Vibratory finishing is a mass finishing process for small parts.

Applications include:

  • Surface improving.
  • Pre plating / anodising surface improvement.
  • Deburring.
  • Polishing.
  • Edge breaking.
  • De-greasing.
  • De-scaling.
  • Cleaning.
  • Rust Removal.


Free Service

If you place a water jet cutting order with EWL we will offer free* standard vibro finishing of small parts in Stainless steel, Aluminium and Mild steel, this service adds the finishing touch to your parts.

Sub-contract with free Collection & Delivery service**

If you already produce your parts in house, and don’t have a requirement for water jet cutting, but are interested in vibro finishing we will be happy to provide you with a free sample and a quote to vibro finish your parts.



Water jet cutting - Northwich Cheshire - Vibro Finishing Deburring

*Basic edge breaking only. **Subject to minimum order value.

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